Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Have you ever bitten off way more than you can chew?
I do it on a daily basis. There is just so much I want to accomplish and not enough hours in the day to do it.
And unfortunately, something ends up suffering because of it. This week, it was my goal to submit my photographs to a competition. So instead of finding time to print and mount my work, I started a photo blog, A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.
Because sometimes, there are just not enough words in the English language to create the exact feel or mood that is needed. With a single click of a button, a photo can capture more than a page full of words. In this blog, there are no words, only photos and the moods they create.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Person’s Opinion

When my friends told me I needed to a start a blog, the first thing that ran through my mind was: “What could I possibly have to say that anyone would want to read?”
The follow-up thought to this question was: “You’re a writer. You better have something to say that people would want to read.”
And now, you're thinking: “What did you write and where can I buy it?"
The short answer is: “I have written a number of children’s picture books, a middle grade series, and a young adult novel.” The long answer: “None of them can be purchased in any store. At least, not yet.”
So who am I? And why should you care what an unpublished author has to say about anything?
Well, isn’t that what’s great about blogs?
It’s just one person’s opinions.
As a child, one of my favorite things to hear on Sunday nights was the ticking clock of Sixty Minutes followed by the voice of Andy Rooney. I was in awe that someone could be paid for giving their opinion on television.
And now, we can do it through blogs.
So if you don’t agree with me, what then?
Well, the beauty of my blog is that it is just one person’s opinion – For What It’s Worth.