Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Things We Know By Heart

Volume Thirty One in the Books That Matter Series

It has been four hundred days since Trent died. Four hundred days since his organs were removed and given to someone else. Four hundred days after those transplants and his girlfriend, Quinn, has still not heard from the recipient of Trent's heart. Having done some research of her own, Quinn decides to find him herself. But when she meets nineteen-year-old Colton Thomas,the present owner of Trent's heart, everything she thought she wanted to know is about to change.

Things We Know by Heart is the young adult story of grief and love, moving on and letting go. With every chapter opening by means of quotes pertaining to hearts or relevant facts about them (including information on organ transplants, cellular memory, and organ rejection), Jessi Kirby tells a poignant story about one girl's journey for closure in the most masterful way: through the journey of one's heart. Things We Know by Heart is truly a book that matters.

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